If you were to stop for a moment and reflect on your thoughts, how many of them would be negative?

We have thousands of thoughts every day, some pass us by, some hanging around for a bit, but some are sticky and we carrying them around with us like chewing gum on the sole of our shoe.  You know the feeling right, that as hard as you try to scuff it off it gets stringier, until you put a lot more effort in to release it and then you can walk freely again.

This week I shared an immensely powerful experience with Don my husband that I choose to share with you.  As you know he’s receiving treatment for throat cancer, this week we were going to receive the results from his recent MRI scan to see how well he was responding to treatment.

I could feel the unspoken anxiety building within us both, neither wanting to share their worries to burden the other, its only human that we should feel this way.  We have accepted that Cancer lives in our lives, we have so much more that we want to experience in our lives together and this is where our focus goes 99.999% of the time.

My chest was feeling heavy, I was putting it down to my PT sessions, but in my heart I knew that actually is was something deeper, so I took the courage to open the conversation about how he was feeling and I was ready to share mine too, I must be honest with you …It was at 11pm on Sunday night!

I was surprised by the thoughts that were consuming him, totally different to those going on in mine!

A negative thought is a heavy burden and with it come ‘dis-ease’.  We can choose to release the thought and in doing so release the energy and power that we give to it.  Don was willing to let them go.

The act speaking our thoughts is incredibly powerful and cathartic.  If they are thoughts that don’t serve us well the practise of burning our written word is another extremely powerful way to release any energetic connection we are holding on to.

On Monday Don wrote his thoughts, and that evening he and I gathered around the chimea for a release ritual.  By the light of his phone torch he released his thoughts verbally and then burnt the paper, releasing the negative energy that was attached to the words.  I could feel the energy of his intentions, it was a very special moment to share.

This is a powerful cleansing process.  It requires you to be willing to let go of thoughts that don’t serve you, creating space for positive thoughts.

We can’t change the situation, but we can choose how we respond to it.