9/10.  What do you focus on?

I was the MC for a networking launch this week.  Despite years of experience presenting to large audiences and senior leaders I invested time to rehearse, it was a large live gig on Zoom and was my first real exposure to the Welsh SME community, it mattered to me.  Don, my husband was on the call, and I asked him for feedback and I also reached out to others too.

There was buckets of really great stuff, but I was drawn to the 1, the point that would give me the perfect score!  Shall I just put this down to the Virgo “Perfectionist” in me, my EGO?  Or my desire to keep growing and learning, build on my strengths and recognise where I can choose to invest time to improve.

Feedback is a gift, what I choose to do with it is my choice.

When you next ask someone for feedback, take a moment to consider WHY you are asking for the feedback and HOW you will choose to respond to it.