My services include:-

Hit the “Pause” button

This is a simple exercise to check in on How are you experiencing life RIGHT NOW? Grab a cup or glass of what you fancy, find a quiet space and focus on YOU.  Explore if its time to clear some wood from the trees.

My Map of the World

We all have our own map of the world which guides the path that we take through life.  Just like a SatNav our maps need an upgrade based on the experiences and challenges that we face.  Are you ready to re-visit yours?  I will guide you through a process to update your map of the world so that you can start to experience life as you choose.  I offer this as a 121 service and run group sessions based on demand 

Walk with Me

When you need someone to walk along side you, to help you remove the stones from your shoes and take that moment to pause and take in the view.  This is a tailored 121 coaching program of 12 coaching sessions.

Hold my Hand

There are times on our path when we need a supporting hand to get to cross the finishing line.  I will help you to get there.  These are offered as 121 sessions.

The Hut

We all need to take time out to re-charge and re-connect.  This is the place to meet with Like-minded people, to learn and grow together.  This is a group coaching program over 12 months and is right for you if you want to start with some small steps

The Stile

I need some help, right now to ‘get over it’ so that I can carry on my path.  This is offered an an intensive 11/2 day program where you will update your map of the world, create a plan and release your limiting beliefs. There is a “check in” session included after 3 months.