2019 brought change to my family life. Don, my husband was diagnosed with Throat cancer in January, in June my father was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, my Mum liver failure.

Dad passed in September, Mum in December and cancer continues to be part of the Melrose family life.

There was a certain irony of the timing of Don’s diagnosis.  2019 was going to be the start of a new family chapter, I was leaving my corporate job to follow my passion but its been a different one to that which I had visualised.

My teenage daughters have faced grief and uncertainty that we would have wished to be able to protect them from, and now as, humankind we are collectively facing and individually responding to the Corona Virus pandemic.

I’m not sad or angry about how this chapter is playing out, I am having experiences that I will treasure forever; I’ve developed a deeper compassion for others, continue to adapt to living with uncertainty, and make heart-centred decisions that align with my values and beliefs.

I absolutely DON’T have this sussed, each day I learn something new about myself.  I am consciously hitting the “pause button” and reflecting on what I need to learn, because life is precious and I can only guarantee NOW and I have made the commitment to myself to stop finding excuses to do what I really want to do, for fear of judgement of others.

We are each walking our own path in life, no person’s path is no better or worse, richer or poorer than the next, it is a unique experience.

What I absolutely know to be true is that we cannot control the situation, BUT we can choose HOW to respond to it

What are you learning from your experience of the Pandemic